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I volunteer since 2011. 

I did a design course back in 2008, so far I have been involved in many projects. They mostly relate to:
Email and visual marketing, social media management, graphic and video production, translation and adaption.

I am interested in: da1a-science, drones, space exploration, ocean exploration, multiverses, time travel, A.I. and I.A.

Please never share your password. I will never ask for it, and neither will xat staff. 

Always click to check if you are talking to the real person. Click their pawn and check if the username and ID match: Cupim 10000690 
Help with your account should be done only in ticket. Be careful with your information, do not spread it in private chats.

Nunca compartilhe sua senha. Eu nunca vou pedir por ela, nem a equipe do xat.

Sempre clique para verificar se você está falando com a pessoa de verdade. Clique no peão e verifique se o username e o ID batem: Cupim 10000690
Ajuda com sua conta só deve ser feita por ticket. Seja cuidadoso com seus dados, não espalhe-os nos chats privados.




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