My History:

* I entered in 2009, to be exact in April. Started in anime chats, naruto and series, but after a time this was a bit "bored", so I decided to create a chat group and be interested more in things like that and then I opened my first blog (Blogger) portal of games, more than 2 years I runned it... I did a lot of friends and this is good. Soon after closed my portal I decided to open forum related to games, php and other...(I already had some knowledge in 2011), so I runned it until November 2013, when I went to military school and I spent 7 months.... but later I came back. After that I started help as I can.

Why I stay on xat?

* Well, that's where I spent a lot of time but that's not the real reason that I stay on xat. I've always worked on things like Radio(not webradio) or Banks(stuff like that). That's stressful situation and for me that i hate being without doing nothing is worse... so I get on xat helping to pass the time, I'm not so addicted!

Why I did several projects for the

* Well, I always search do anything just to pass the time faster ... and as various people of know me (some even more than necessary hahah) know that I've always tried to help the although sometimes I failed, but was creating these projects that I learned more about php, python, sockets, systems etc..., and now I can guarantee that if someone asks me "do this system pls!" I can do it. You can't learn something if you never failed.

About me?

* What is your favorite/trusted person of xat or/& internet? Cami
* What is your favorite color? I love darkness colors
* How old are you? 15-30 it depends of you (i don't care)
* What's your name? my name is my register(xat login) or Paulo Rodriguez

Happy Christmas for you!