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Intro/About Me
(Last updated: 4/2016)

History on Xat
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People I'd Like to Thank
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Old Screenshots
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I will redo/fix this xatspace when I find the motivation to do so.
About Me

Name: Vincent 

Xat IDs: 96819406 (primary) 200000680 (alternate)

Location: New York, USA

Xat member since: July 1st 2008
Forum account: Vincent

Xat Accolades: 
-Help moderator and co-owner (2008-Present intermittently)
-Former Trade moderator (2009)
-Creator of "How to avoid being scammed" video, featured on Trade (2009)
-Former power tester (2009)
-Former ticket responder (2009)
-Wiki editor (2009-Present)
-Xat_Test monthly Main Owner (March 2015)

History on Xat

It all began one average day. I used to use a Yahoo service called Answers, where users ask questions and get answers from other Yahoo users. The questions were all divided into different categories, and I often found myself in the Music & Music Players category, answering just about every iPod question I could find. Answers also has leaderboards for the top users in each category, and I aimed to get on there some day. The top user in that category was named "Pink Smiley Face," and I eventually decided to send her an email.

She told me her Yahoo Messanger ID, and we started IM'ing each other. Her real name is Vicky, and she used an xat chat where other Yahoo Answers users chatted about all kinds of stuff, including music. She invited me to their chat, and the ID 96819406 was born on July 1, 2008. I started chatting with her friends for a few weeks, until I learned a little bit more about xat. I didn't seem to be able to contribute to their conversations too much, since I was new to their "group." However, I was intrigued by xat, so I decided to explore it a little more. I learned about smilies, audies, the youtube player, and all those other neat features. I eventually stumbled upon the xat home page and explored from there. Around that time, one of the users of the music chat asked me to help him make his own group. I guided him through it and helped him notanymore it on his site. His name at the time was Pinstripes08, and his real name was Brandon. I showed him how to create a Freewebs site, create an xat group, and notanymore the chat onto his Freewebs page. I also showed him how to add rules, guidelines, notices, etc to this site. He made me a mod there in exchange for my assistance and we got a few visitors per day. He invited members from Yahoo Answers, and we got some baseball fans there, and the chat was completely baseball themed. I helped him mod the chat, and it was fun. We had several weeks of success with that.

He then, one day, had to clear his computer, and he lost ownership on his chat. In an attempt to find out how to solve this problem, I added /help to the end of the xat home page link, expecting a help page. It was then that I saw the Help chat for the first time. After a few minutes of asking for help, they helped us with our issue. After a few days I went back and decided to just watch people give and get help, to learn more things about xat.

Over time, though, we started to not get along so well. I was demoted there a few times over senseless things, and then one day, he pc'd me. He was upset about "all the little tricks" I knew about xat from watching Help. He said I have to swear to tell him everything he ever wants to know about xat and Freewebs (knowing that I knew more than him) or else he would ban me forever. I felt like I was being extorted, and I decided it was time to leave the chat.

So, I headed back to Help and decided to watch the chat a little bit. I felt a little upset about losing Brandon, who was one of the first friends I made on xat. I learned a lot from Help, and started helping out myself. I earned member within about a week (very quick for that time).

Help was fun, except it had one major problem. There were a lot less mods, and there were a lot of gaps with no mods (even during the afternoon). One particular user, whose name was Impact, decided to follow me to Help and repeatedly flame and swear at me while no mods were on. He did this because a chat he was a member of was "feuding" with the original chat I went to on xat. This went on for over a week, and he got away with it most of the time.

I earned mod about a month later, on September 2nd, 2008, from Darren. Dave was also made a mod that day by Rafe, who was at that time a temp owner. Xat Help in 2008 was a very different place than it is now, in various ways, many of which I can't address here. But just keep this in mind.

I continued to help out. Although demoted a few times, I enjoyed being a mod in Help. I was able to use my knowledge for the better, and meet new people. I became known as the "Screenshot guy" because of all the screenshots I took. In the early month or two, I got a lot of hate as a mod. I was flamed, sworn at, etc by almost everyb0dy. Eventually, though, people started to warm up. I made a lot of friends, and enjoyed xat. Sometime during my modship, Ack returned to Help as the owner, and control of Help oscillated between Darren and Ack.

After about a year or so, I was made a co-owner by Ack on November 7, 2009.

I left xat around the summer of 2010 for various reasons. My activity had been dwindling, and my interest was fading. I also felt like I was letting xat affect me in a way that I wasn't comfortable with. I took a break, and returned for a little bit about a year later, in mid summer of 2011. I left again shortly thereafter.
I returned to xat again around late 2014, with a different perspective. I earned member again pretty quickly and earned moderator again in early 2015. I returned to being an owner by early 2016. I rarely stray too far from the Help room, so if you need to find me, thats where I'm most likely to be. Thanks for reading this far!

People I'd Like to Thank

Vicky - For introducing me to xat. If not for you, I wouldn't be here on xat today.

Icon, Karl, and others from TFZ - My first group of friends on xat and members of the first xat chat I ever went to.

Pinstripes08/Brandon - For asking me to help you with your chat and allowing me to help you moderate it. Even though it didn't end smoothly, I still consider you to be the first friend I made on xat. 

Darren- For making Xat a fun place to chat and meet new people, for giving me the opportunity to moderate Help, and for allowing me to edit the xat wiki and answer Support tickets.

Ackirbachu/Jesse - For giving me the opportunity to be a co-owner at Help despite the resentment of so many Help visitors, for providing me assistance with xat anytime I needed it, and for dedicating so much time to running and controlling Help.

Mia - For being my first BFF on xat.

Dani - For being my second BFF, and first marriage on xat.

Chrisss/Christina - For letting me moderate Trade for its first several months after opening.

Connor - For helping me work on the scammer video for Trade.

Chido - For being a fun Help mod, running XatSites, and for letting me be a co-owner in Sites.

Ziggy - For being a friend, one of the most generous users on xat, and for creating and running several fun chats, including Main, NewHelp and XatBlogs.
Zap/Jonathan, Pika_Boyy/Cage, Brian, Spell, Josh, Beta, Sora, and others - For being some of the first friends I made after coming to Help, and being fun and interesting people to chat and moderate Help with.
Hayley - Not only for being my current BFF, but for being my best friend. Your support and love means the world to me and I couldn't be more thankful to have met you.

All the other help mods and owners who preceded me or were active during my early time there, including LS2 (aka LinkSword2 or Greg), Alan, Phsycical, Legend, Matthew, MelMel, Teleco, Rafe, Jen, Jeff, Dave, Naes, Mira, and others I may have missed - For making Help the great place that it was when I first came to xat. A chat is nothing without fun people who also know how to keep it running smoothly.

All current and future Help mods and owners - For continuing to (hopefully) make Help a place for users to easily give and receive help about all things Xat.

Below is a collection of some select screenshots taken from my collection. Some screenshots are here because the content is funny or interesting, others are here just because they do a good job of capturing a moment in xat's history. You're free to repost these screenshots as long as proper credit is given to me. All screenshots are taken by me unless otherwise noted.
Well screw you too, Photobucket.

(Screenshot by Charisma/Jayden)

(Screenshot by Micro/Jayden)

(Screenshot by Pika/Cage)

(Screenshot by Legend)

(Screenshot by Davide)

(Screenshot by Jayden)

(Screenshot by Pika/Cage)

(Screenshot by ?)


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