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In the land of the dead,

heck boy, ain't it grand?

I'm the overlord of the underlord

Below this shattered masquerade

I'm the darkside of royalty

And you can't take that away from me.

But you are a puzzle. Why so solem?

You must drive your brother crazy, musn't you?

You cause far to much trouble when you visit.

Perhaps it's best you stay away?

You and your stupid flowers.

Think twice before considering that you can beat me at my own game;

This isn't a book about the weak overcoming the strong.

This is life, and I didn't get where I am by loosing to people like you.

I don't make acceptions for anyone, ever.

Are the endless riches you seek truely worth it?

Looking for a little luck, nonetheless?

Take a chance and your greatest desisres could be granted before your eyes;

Or you could perish beneath me.

Remember, the more you try to better your lifem the more my luck will help you.


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