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Hi everyone. My name is Champ. I am an Owner at Help and a Permanent Moderator at Trade

The story of me on Xat is a real interesting one.
I first came on Xat in July 2009 where I went on youtuber's chat which I stayed on the chat with the same people switching were chat to chat until about August of 2010. My original name for my account was Baseballn6 which I use for almost everything. I went on the pokemon chat for about one year until I was banned by the main owner since I was being cocky and mean supposedly. I started to go to Help Chat regularly starting in late August 2010. I didn't really have any other chat to go to besides Help so I kept going there. I started to get votes real quickly which I got my first vote from Alexxx on the second day of me starting to majorly help. I got the needed 5 votes for mod in a short time span of about 2 weeks. The next votes I got were from Mihay, Avion, Viki, and Pink. Those votes were the needed votes I needed for member on Help. I told Ackirbachu about my votes that I got. I got three more votes from Reggie, Ryan and Oana. Then I got perm member on help chat in late September of 2010. Some of my friends at the time got member before me so I worked hard and I got member. 2 weeks later I was made perm mod on Help Chat by Ack. I was real excited on being Mod but some people thought I got too soon. This showed since I got demoted 2 weeks later by new main owner Brann22 after I mistyped Pedro's name. I forgot the R which was flame which was a demotion for me. A Few weeks later I was screened by someone which I mistyped 10 hours to 100 hours. I was demoted to guest after I tried to state my argument. I took a 1 week break from Xat where I returned and Sean helped me get Member back. Many things have happened since I got member back in Late October 2010. I patiently waited for my chance to be Perm Moderator again on Help chat which I got on February 26th 2011 which was nearly 4 months after a first got member and my first perm mod in Late September and October 2010. Jesse asked me if I wanted owner and I said sure I guess. He gave me some rules to follow on being owner. He announced there will be some new owners and I was made owner. I got owner on help on July 24th 2011. I am currently an owner at Help. 

On May 13th, i was temp modded for 5 hours at trade by Cody. After my 5 hours, a lot of people wanted me to be a member at trade. I told Christina what Cody told me and she told me I could stay member. After the chat was reset, I was made officially a member by Cody. On August 9th, I was demoted to guest on Trade by Zoro and Ghost for inactivity. This is understandable because I knew I was going to be inactive at Trade for different reasons. After a lot of temps in early January 2012, I re earned member when Fino made me a perm member on January 15th 2012. On February 26th 2012, I became a permanent moderator at trade when Vale modded me. I am still a permanent moderator there. 

I have had many bffs on xat. My bffs have been Ryan, Getsu, Master, iHero, Updog,  and Ashie/Hayley. 
My main friends on Xat are Sean, Bryan, Viki, , Hayley, Sooky, Martin, Abbie, Carly, Gabbie, Patricia, and Dreamy (MARRIED).
 I don't sell any ids.
You can find me at Xat.com/Help where I am usually very active where I am on almost everyday. 

Thanks for coming to see my Profile. 
Me getting Member for the first time on Help My first trip as being perm mod on Help before I was demoted Me getting Perm Mod for the Second time on Help First Temp mod on Trade Official member on Trade Being Owner on Help Second time as a Member on trade Permanent Moderator at Trade Permanent Moderator at Xat Test


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