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Oi! I'm a Brazilian who's addicted to books and TV-shows about politics and history. Currently falling in love with cinema and comedy shows. Also a blatant "wannabe" analyst of economics and futuristic predictions.

A true believer of the multiverse theory who wouldn't discard the possibility of time travels... My favorite shows are the X Files, Continuum, Farscape, Monty Python, Westworld, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, The Mechanism, Game of Thrones, Altered Carbon, House of Cards, The Expanse, V and Futurama.

A King? Michael Jackson. A singer? Freddy Mercury. A President? Ronald Reagan. An emperor? Napolean. 

A novel series? The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A pokémon? Deoxys. A clan? Kaguya. Kid show? Billy & Mandy.

I've joined xat in 2008 and I became a volunteer in April 2011. Wanna know more 'bout me? Find me on chat, my ID: 10000690.

W A R N I N G !
Do not share your account details (password or email) with anyone.
NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD. I will never ask for it.
DON'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING! Viruses are everywhere.
NUNCA COMPARTILHE SUA SENHA. Nunca vou pedir pela sua senha.
NÃO FAÇA DOWNLOAD DE NADA! Tem virus por tudo.
Good luck! Boa sorte.


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