About Me

Hello and welcome to my profile on xat.com, I am a 27 year old. My fascination for graphics took off when I was 9 years old,
I wasn't your typical child by any means.
Instead of playing in the mud and dirt, I spent hours playing games, making games, and designing graphics.
So I started when I was very young after taking many classes in school with photoshop and other designing programs.
I also studied photography for a while whilst I was in school, going out into the enviroment and capturing real-images
for my photoshop work , and did a little tinkering with effects.
Just basic things when you start out in the graphics world. I expanded my graphics when I took a designing course in high school
where I was also apart of the high school tech club and made all the school re-lated things such as the senior T-Shirts.
Then later on I took a few courses in college to hone my skills in photoshop learning every aspect that I could.
My experience has grown since joining xat.com and still to this day continues to grow.

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