Everyone thinks they are the heroes of their own stories.

This is- this is- feels great. Really. We make a great pair. That is to say, yeah, I’m great, you look great holding me. But it’s- it’s really great.

The end is comin’, and it’s handsome, baby!

Mmm! You're the best, cutie!

Yeah, I don’t care who started this — I’m gonna end it!

Did you forget where you're going again? Oh, my little cutie idiot!

Who needs adventure? Let's stay in tonight! I have all 82 seasons of Bloodstarved to Live!

Don't forget; we have couples brunch with Tannis and that ham radio. You need to wear that shirt I got you.

Return of the Founder King.

Naught shall remain!


Not all good things must come to an end.