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Hi there. Your probely why I'm writing this long xatspace. About Something millon years ago I Jessibe tiger was born on a very big island. Today it is known as tiger island. Anyways I was born to a royal tiger couple of tiara the 2nd and Sir Maxine the 1st
 But today I live in a big hut near the beach of Tiger Island. And I have a band with a few of my tiger friends. I hope you enjoyed this. Cuz I hope you enjoy this intro made by Your's truly.

Thanks for checking out my xatspace :D If you have any comments message me on twitter which is below.
 This xatspace was done by: iDevil666 (1185541978)
 If your interested in one they are 100 xats.

Anyways I hope you enjoy my long long intro! >:3


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