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Xat Profile of the only and only Tosan139.
Name - Brandon
Age - 17
Hobbies - Anime / Websites / Friends / Wrestling
Favorite Color - Blue

Hello, I will now describe everything I've been through on Xat thus far.
I'll have arcs and complete descriptions : ) enjoy my life.

Arc 1 - Start Arc
Feb 2008 - I was on a wetpaint site and was getting bored doing close to nothing
on the interwebs. I then scrolled down on the homepage and noticed some sort
of chat like thing on it. I decided to slowly start chatting on it, and thus
enjoyed doing so. I became a non registered user for xat and quickly joined
the xat forums. I posted and found a chat titled BCS.

March 2008 - On BCS, I talked to my friends Bodhi and Toshiro and we
discussed a lot of various topics. My first xat name was aizen100%^4.
Afterwords, BCS slowly crumbled and I decided to make a roleplaying clan.
That clan was titled Shinigami.

Arc 2 - Shinigami Arc
April 2008 - Shinigami was created and the adventure of a lifetime began.
Our website was up and the main leaders was Me/Bodhi/Aysha. After a good month
the shinigami clan became fiercer and fiercer. People I became friends with this month
was Ackirbachu/Phsy/Banned Alan.

May 2008 - In May 2008, the shinigami clan was at its peak. It was a stable clan with
a strong website. Former BCS member Toshiro joined and the clan was becoming
number 1. I heard rumors of a powerful Vizard clan but ignored all rumors, damn was
I dumb at 15.

June 2008 - We defeated the akatsuki and the shinigami clan was still strong. I'm still posting
on the xat forums and joining other anime websites. One day, my chat was hacked and this
was before xat was as protected as it is now. After that shinigami was no more and the members
all hated each other. That was when I knew, something had to change.

Arc 3 - Anime112 Arc
July 2008 - In July 2008 the shinigami era was over and it was time to create a new chat.
I created Xat.com/anime112 but it wasn't that active. I talked to chris[xat admin] and he promoted
my chat. This was before chat promotions were even possible.

August 2008 - I married someone with the anime name Hina and I then Anime112 had around fifty
active members every day. The promotion really helped it and Bodhi decided to come to the chat a lot.
Everything was great and the chat was fine, until someone named souleater walked through the doors and
ruined an almost perfect chat.

September 2008 - Anime112 was still stable even with the constant fights from me and souleater. After
a while though he somehow hacked my chat and banned Hina from the chat, This created a major fight
and we broke up. Anime112 was also not promoted anymore from my request and thus anime112 died.
RIP anime112.

Arc 4 - Help Moderator Arc
October 2008 - I started going to help since my friends rafe and animal crossing kirby pikachu went there. I
quickly got member and alan started to go there as well. I was already a forum moderator up to this point
and towards the end of the month, moderator was mine. I was really happy and helped everyday to keep
the moderator up.

December 2008 - I was still mod and then made a good majority of friends. I then decided I was bored with my
position and went on a banning spree. I was stupid back then and regret it. I gained back the trust of a lot of
the members later on though. With that done, 2008 was over and it was one of the years I'd love to happen
in 2009. But would it?

I'll continue soon.


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