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Name: Liam Henry
Age: 11
Hobbies: Laptop,music,games
I started xat in 2010 or 2009
Friends: Viper,Sean14,Anna,Alex,Alex,Cece,Mckayy,Kyla,Infinity,Dan the Fox,ET,themaindude,tylercool,hannah, Diva,Cody,DTOX,MaroJoe,Emerald and Trippy (MY NIGGA!)
Imma badman me and Trippy is the badman Homies. We are niggas so dont FUCK! ;D
My Hangouts: Xat.com/YodaAds Xat.com/Themainthingisbehappy Xat.com/PenguinCubeVerision2
My Twitter: @BestttCP FOLLOW MEEE! ;)


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